Erma: Pancasila Is Ideologi

“We want the Indonesian people remain exist until 200-300 years and beyond.”
Erma Suryani Ranik, SH
Member of the MPR RI (People’s Consultative Assembly) / DPR RI (House of Representative)

Sintang, TRIBUN – Members of the MPR / DPR RI Democratic Party Faction, Erma Suryani Ranik, SH asserted Pancasila is the only basic philosophy of the nation (philosofische grondslag) or the state ideology (staatsidee) for the Unitary State of Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

“We are a nation of Indonesia, the only one of our ideology is Pancasila. Nothing else,” she told the Pontianak Tribune after the Socialization of Four Nation Pillars or Consensus at the Catholic High School (SMAK) Sinar Kasih on Jl. Akcaya 2, Sintang, Monday (6/6).

Erma said the socialization of four pillars of the nation is important to be given to young people, especially high school students. Because it is as an attempt to provide a comprehensive understanding related to Pancasila, the Constitution of Republic of Indonesia (UUD 1945), the Unitary State Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) and Unity in Diversity.

“Why do high school students? Because, young people are the future leaders. They should know that Indonesia only adheres Pancasila ideology. We wish the Indonesian people remain exist until 200-300 years and beyond,” she added.

In addition, the socialization is expected to make the youth have a high awareness that Pancasila should be preserved and maintained as the foundation of the nation.

“Do not let the youth go misguided. Do not let them have a wrong ideology and radicalism. Do not let them follow the ideology that is clearly prohibited such as communist ideology,” she said.

Pancasila is also as a direction of activities in all areas of life, so that all behavior and actions of Indonesian must be inspired by Pancasila. As well, the radiance of the Pancasila precepts, it is a unified whole and cannot be separated from one another.

“As a way of life embodies the philosophy of life of the nation. Pancasila in daily implementation should not conflict with religious norms, decency, good manners, as well as applicable laws,” she said.

The Principle of SMAK Sinar Kasih, Rizal Rotage perceives socialization of the four pillars of nationalism to their students as a positive matter.

“I think this is important, in order to improve the knowledge and understand the purpose of the four pillars of nationalism for young people,” he said.

Especially because the youth is the hope and the nation’s future. The understanding should be given since the youth is easily swayed by various influences.

“We hope the students at our school and generally the students throughout Sintang can understand the four pillars of nationalism.

We are very grateful and welcome it,” he concluded.

Socialization was conducted in the presence of students and teachers of SMKA Sinar Kasih. Besides Erma, local legislator (DPRD) of West Kalimantan Democratic Party Faction, Simon Peter was also present. (pra)

Tribune Pontianak, Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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